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7S Oil and Gas Data Security

At 7S Oil and Gas we are serious about data security. The integrated multilayer security net works hard to protect financial & identifying information. This article will go over the precautions  to protect such identities. For every level of integration your data is safe & secure. 7S Oil and Gas is complaint with all mandated security levels and takes it a step further to have the highest industry standard.

Our Website

Cloudflare SSL & Railgun More Info

CloudSSL is an SSL distribution service available via API and is designed specifically to help web services operate securely in the Cloud. It removes the restrictions of traditional SSL, such as one Certificate per IP address, and can be used across large virtualized environments without incurring additional license fees. CloudSSL partners make on-demand requests for SSL Certificates,including request for their customer base all within the top level Certificate issued to the Cloud partner. All the time meeting the highest security associated with the GlobalSign SSL brand.

Geo Trust SSL More Info

1. Domain authentication
2. 256-bit SSL Encryption
3. GeoTrust Secured Seal with date/time stamp
4. $100K warranty

Balanced Payment and Bank account tokens More Info

Authorizing and Using a Multi-Use Payment Token
1. Your web site takes the buyer through the checkout process.
2. If the buyer chooses Amazon Payments, your Pay Now button code sends a co-branded service request that includes the multi-use payment token parameters, and also redirects the buyer to the CBUI web pages that Amazon hosts.
3. The buyer selects a payment instrument and authorizes the purchase.
4. The CBUI redirects the buyer to the URL specified in the returnURL from the co-branded service request. In addition to that URL, the URI contains additional parameters such as the ID for the multi-use token just created (which you need later), the status of the payment authorization, and the identification of the buyer.
5. When the status changes to Success you can use the payment token.
6. At some point, you use the payment token for a purchase without getting additional authorization from the buyer. To facilitate the purchase, you send a Pay request with the multi-use token ID you received earlier.
7. If the buyer makes further purchases you can send additional Pay requests.

Our Software and Payment Gateway

PaymentNetwork has defined exacting security standards and protects you with:

  • Data encryption. PaymentNetwork adheres to rigorous online banking industry protection standards for all online communication, using an https connection over SSL (Secure Socket Layer) at 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Privacy. 7S Oil and Gas safeguards your financial information. Even your payors or payees can’t see your bank account or credit card information.
  • Limited exposure. When you hand a paper check to someone it contains your Bank Routing and Account number. When you pay using PaymentNetwork, we do not share this information with the receiver.