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The oil industry seems to be continually changing and advancing, and with this progression comes more opportunity in the workforce. Women may reap the benefits as much as men if current trends continue. The number of women working in the industry has substantially increased, and approximately half of the new oil jobs in the United States were given to females during the first three months of 2013.Although males often overshadow women when it comes to new hires, the steady rise of females in the oil business may alter the pattern. This change in demographics is a reflection of a revolutionary industry. Streamlined technologies, sophisticated tools and computer-based searches have diversified the body of workers in the field. Women may be stepping in more and more because new opportunities keep emerging.Females entering the oil workforce are not only interested in the managerial, office or tech-based roles. Some women want to take on physically challenging positions as well. The issue that may prevent more females from stepping in is the pay scale. According to the United States Department of Labor, women generally earn 80 percent of the pay men do. This can be particularly unappealing when it comes to arduous labor.

As with any business, innovation and modernization are the keys to success. Diversification in any workforce is typically conducive to gaining a competitive advantage. If the opportunities for women continue to develop, the industry may rise to new heights. This may be why the heads of multiple oil giants have been actively seeking females to take on leadership positions as well as field service roles. Ultimately, this expansion and renovation of the industry may help cultivate new energy resources.